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"Women don't necessarily know how to put words on what they go through in public transport.It should be reiterated that putting your hand on someone's backside is sexual assault punishable by a five-year prison term and a €75,000 fine." She said women needed to be better "educated that what they're going through is not normal", and that the message must reach "aggressors and witnesses".

The plan suggests introducing flyers, posters campaigns and transport announcements, as well as a special emergency number, 3117, for victims printed on tickets.

A hundred per cent of women have been victim of some kind of sexual harassment on public transport around Paris, according to a survey, amid calls for a national campaign to stem sexist or threatening behaviour on buses and trains.

The survey, cited in a report handed to the French women's rights ministry this week, found that "every female user of mass transit has been a victim" of "gender harassment or sexual assault" – even though some are "unaware" of this because they have been conditioned to accept low-level abuse.

Marisol Touraine, the health minister, pledged that the government would take "strong measures" in the coming weeks as "it's intolerable not to be able to use public transport without being troubled".

Harassment can range from "insults to other intimidating behaviour (insistent flirting, whistling, comments on appearance), to sex attacks or rape," it said.

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The problem meant that six out of ten women were afraid of being attacked on public transport compared to three out of ten men.

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