16 personality types dating

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16 personality types dating

This infographic from Career Assessment identifies your ideal partner, perfect first date, and what sort of person you are.As an INFP, for example, I’m apparently 55% loveable and only 10% sexual.It’s not all accurate however, this graphic also suggests I’d like to go on a date to church, which I would not.

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As a result, we are careful about committing and wait a long time to let you in.

When we do find that special person, we can still be an enigma.

A relationship is a system and we need to be able to project a strong chance of long-term happiness.(Plus, many of us have been burned in the past.

,’ ‘Which Job Should You Get Based On Your Personality Type?

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,’ and ‘,’ but this time we’ll be uncovering who and how you should be dating!

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