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A catalogue record for this document is available from ( ) ISBN2 Contents Introduction Bibliographies and Journals Bibliographies Journals, Serials, Periodicals, Newsletters, Magazines & Newspapers Bibliography and Library Appendix: The Circassians Other works by author3 Introduction There are more than 2,000 entries in this compilation, mainly in Western European languages, including more than 120 online books, articles and dissertations. Beissinger (eds), The Nationalities Factor in Soviet Politics and Society, Boulder, San Francisco and Oxford: Westview Press, 1990. R., `Syllables, Segments, and the Northwest Caucasian Languages', in A. Andrews, P., Ethnic Groups in the Republic of Turkey, Wiesbaden: Reichert, 1989. Of them, only Chechnya ended up battling the Russian federal government. `Bedouins and Circassians', The New York Times, Wednesday, 18 August 1889, p11. B., Obschestvenni krizis i problemi natsionalnogo vozrozhdeniya [Social Crisis and Problems of National Revival], Maikop, 1995. -- Journal d'une résidence en Circassie pendant les années 18371839, Paris: Arthus Bertrand, 1841. Vivien discusses works on Circassians in non-Russian languages] Belyakov, V. -- How to live to be 100: The Life-Style of the People of the Caucasus, New York: The Dial Press, 1976. -- `Muslim Guerrilla Warfare in the Caucasus (1918-28)', in Central Asian Survey, vol. -- `Légendes sur les Nartes: Nouveaux documents relatifs au héros Sosryko', in Revue de l'Histoire des Religions, 125, 1942-3, pp 97-128.58 -- `Les "énarées" scythiques et la grossesse du Nart Hamyc', in Latomus, 5, 1946, pp 249-55. -- `Textes chepsoug (tcherkesse occidental)', in Journal Asiatique, Paris, 242, 1954, pp 1-44. -- `Récits Oubykh, III', in Journal Asiatique, Paris, 247, 1959, pp 149-70. (ed.), `Chants populaires de la Tribu circassienne des Adighé de Bouzadouk', in Revue d'Ethnographie et des Traditions Populaires, Paris, nos 27/28, Année 7, 1926, pp 245-68. (von), and Parrot, F., Reise in die Krymm und den Kaukasus, Berlin, 1815. (von), The Caucasus and Its Peoples, Leipzig, 1888. Hurst & Co (Publishers) LTD, 2005; University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006.66 (ed.), Ethno-Nationalism, Islam and the State in the Caucasus: Post-Soviet Disorder, Central Asian Studies Series 9, London and New York: Routledge, 2008. A., `Circassian Diaspora in Jordan: Self-identification, Ideas about Historical Homeland and Impact on North Caucasian Developments', in Central Asia and the Caucasus, 2003. [Social Structure of the Circassian Peoples in the 18th­First Half of the 19th Centuries], Moscow: Institute of Ethnography, Izd-vo " Nauka," Glav. vostochnoi lit-ry, 1967 [328 pages]--67 -- (ed.), Kultura i bit narodov Severnogo Kavkaza [The Culture and Way of Life of the Peoples of the North Caucasus], Moscow: Nauka, 1968.

Where possible, original names of Adiga writers are given in brackets after their Russian versions. If the responsibility for a region or ethnic group's grievances can be attributed to the central government, mobilized action against the central government is more likely to occur. -- Documents anatoliens sur les langues et les traditions du Caucase, I, Bibliothèque de l'Institut français d'Archéologie d'Istanbul, IX, Paris: Maisonneuve, 1960c. A., `Road Crashes and Alcohol Abuse in Kabardino-Balkaria', in Journal of Traffic Medicine, vol. -- `Traffic Accidents in Kabardino-Balkaria, Prophylactic Methods', in Meditsina truda i proishlennaya èkologiya, no. Ellis, G., Memoir of a Map of the Countries Comprehended between the Black Sea and the Caspian; with an Account of the Caucasian Nations and Vocabularies of their Languages, London: J. Emelianova, N., Musulmane Kabardi, Moscow: Granitsa 1999. Ertem, G., `Off the Feminist Platform in Turkey: Cherkess Gender Relations', in R. Essad-Bey (Assad-Bey), Zwölf Geheimnisse im Kaukasus, Berlin and Zurich, 1930. [Reprint of Farson's Caucasian Journey] Fedorov, Ya. (responsible editor), Arkheologiya i ètnografiya Karachaevo-Cherkesii: (tematicheski sbornik nauchnikh statei) [Archæology and Ethnography of Karachai-Cherkessia: (Thematic Collection of Scientific Articles)], Cherkessk: The Karachai Cherkess Research and Scientific Institute of Economy, History, Language, and Literature, 1979. Alexander Kerns, The Hague and Paris: Mouton, pp 35-46. (publisher), Vospominanie o Kavkaze [Souvenirs of the Caucasus], Kislovodsk: F. -- (compiler and editor), Narti: Adigski èpos [The Narts: Circassian Epos], Maikop: The Adigean Science and Research Institute, 1968-71 (7 vols). [In Circassian] -- Selected Works: In Two Volumes, Vol. [In Circassian] -- Izbrannie sochineniya v odnom tome: Stikhotvoreniya, povesti v stikhakh [Selected Works in One Volume: Poems, Tales in Verse], Maikop, 1997. [Monograph; 224 pages; paperback; A4 format; ISBN 5-89930035-3.

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There have been thousands of books published on Circassian issues in Circassian (Kabardian and Adigean) and Russian in the last century. Tsentralni gosudarstvenni arkhiv KBASSR [Central State Archive of the Kabardino-Balkarian ASSR], Nalchik. Kavkaz i Vizantiya [The Caucasus and Byzantium] Kavkazski ètnograficheski sbornik [Caucasian Ethnographic Collection], Trudi instituta ètnografii [Transactions of the Institute of Ethnography], Moscow, 1955-. Sbornik materialov dlya opisaniya mestnostei i plemen Kavkaza [Collection of Materials for the Description of the Districts and Tribes of the Caucasus], Tiflis, vols 1-44, 1881-1915; vol. Sbornik po istorii Kabardi [Collection on the History of Kabarda], Nalchik: Kabardian Research and Scientific Institute.12 Sbornik svedeni o Kavkaze [Collection of Information on the Caucasus], Tiflis (Tbilisi), vols 1-9, 1871-85. Abramova, M., Rannie alani Severnogo Kavkaza: III-V vv. [The Early Alans of the North Caucasus: 3rd­5th Centuries AD], Moscow: Institut arkheologii RAN 1997. A.-K., Rol folklora v formirovanii dukhovnoi zhizni naroda [The Role of Folklore in Forming of the Spiritual Life of the Nation], Cherkessk: The Karachai-Cherkess Science and Research Institute of History, Philology and Economics, 1986. -- `Le parler besney (tcherkesse oriental) de Zennun Köyü (Çorum, Turquie), II: Textes Folkloriques', in Journal Asiatique, Paris, 252, 1964, pp 327-64. Balagova (Belaghi), L., I say my prayers in Circassian: Selected Poems, Wing Span Press, 2008. -- Documents anatoliens sur les langues et les traditions du Caucase, V: Études Abkhaz, Paris, 1967. -- `Notes d'étymologie et de vocabulaire sur le Caucasique du Nord Ouest, 4, 5, 6', in Bedi Kartlisa, Paris, 31, 1973, pp 24-35.59 -- `Notes d'étymologie et de vocabulaire sur le Caucasique du Nord Ouest, 7', in Mélanges Benveniste. [Dance melodies, including `Wij x'wrey', `Gwascheghase', `Dance of the Nobility', and `Party Dance'; with sheet music] Ghwch'emix'w, A. 1], Kabardino-Balkarian Science and Research Institute, Nalchik: The Kabardino-Balkarian Publishing House, 1965. (compilers), Adige Psalhezchxer [Circassian Proverbs], Nalchik, 1968. C.: The Earliest European Civilization before the Infiltration of the Indo-European Peoples', in Journal of Indo-European Studies, vol. -- `Notorious Subjects, Invisible Citizens: North Caucasian Resistence to the Turkish National Movement in the South Marmara, 1919-1923', in International Journal of Middle East Studies, vol. Glubb, J., Soldiers of Fortune: The Story of the Mamluks, New York: Stein and Day, 1973. F., `Cherkesskie pesni [Circassian Songs]', in Narodnoe tvorchestvo [Folk Arts], no. -- Kabardinskie narti [Kabardian Sledges], Moscow, 1952.

This is an indication of the increased interest in Circassian affairs at all levels. [Edited by Prince Elmurza Bekovich Cherkassky and B. [Literary Kabardino-Balkaria is the Russian language organ of the Union of the Writers of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. [A monthly magazine dedicated to children, Nur, first issued in January 1982, is published by the Union of the Writers of the Kabardino Balkarian ASSR and the Regional Committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League of the Soviet Union. Paris: Organe de Defense Nationale des Peuples du Caucase, de l'Ukraine et du Turkestan, 1927-9. The website, also in Circassian, is both informative and stylish] Revue des Études Géorgiennes et Caucasiennes, Association des Études Géorgiennes et Caucasiennes, Paris: Peeters France, 1985-. (responsible editor) et al, Folklor narodov Karachaevo Cherkesii: Zhanr i obraz: Sbornik nauchnikh trudov [The Folklore of the Peoples of Karachai-Cherkessia: Genre and Form: Collection of Scholarly Works], Cherkessk: The Karachai Cherkess Science and Research Institute of History, Philology and Economics, 1988. -- A History of the Georgian People From the Beginning Down to the Russian Conquest in the Nineteenth Century, London: Kegan Paul, 1932. But even before the center's military invasion of Grozny in December 1994, more routine channels for funneling the Chechen demands faced challenges due31 to divisions in Chechnya: The Chechen Revolution in late 1991 severed all party and institutional ties with the federal government and led to a situation of divided power within the Chechen republic, both of which made center-region negotiations problematic. -- `La question des frontières du Caucase', in Le Caucase, nos 1/8, 2-ème Année, janvier 1938, pp 1-7. Banner, F., `Uncivil Wars: " Suicide Bomber Identity" as a Product of Russo-Chechen Conflict', in Religion, State & Society, vol. -- Legendi Kavkaza [Legends of the Caucasus], Moscow, 1913.33 -- Skazki kavkazskikh gortsev [Legends of the Caucasian Mountaineers], Moscow, 1913. and Contarini, A., Travels to Tana and Persia, London, 1873; reprinted: 1963. B., Elementi per uno studio linguistico e politico del Caucaso, Naples, 1938. -- `Caucasique du Nord-Ouest et parlers scythiques', in Annals of the Oriental Institute of Napoli, 5, 1963, pp 5-18. (responsible ed.), Aktualnye problemi feodalnoi Kabardi i Balkarii, Nalchik: Kabardino-Balkarski nauchno-issledovatelski institut istorii, filologii i èkonomiki pri Sovete Ministrov KBASSR [The Kabardino-Balkarian Research and Scientific Institute of History, Philology, and Economy], 1992. -- `Abkhazski kult i bit [The Abkhazian Cult and Everyday Life]', in The Christian East, St. [Social, Economic and Political Conditions of the Circassians in the 19th Century], Maikop, 1986.61 Eastern Tales for the Amusement of Youth: The Persian, and the Circassian, Margate: J. [Bibliography on pp 122-32; x, 154 pages, [24] pages of plates; ill., 1 folded map] Fikes, K. [Includes census information on the Circassians in the Crimea at that time] -- `Emigration of Muslims from the Russian Empire in the Years after the Crimean War', in Jahrbücher für die Geschichte Osteuropas, Neue Folge, vol. [Translated from French original (see preceding entry), and illustrated with maps and engravings. [Unified chronology system based on the excavations of the Crimean antiquities for the cultures of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus during barbarian invasions and the early migration period. Numerous illustrations, schemes, architect's plans, maps, and bibliography. H., Peoples and Languages of the Caucasus: A Synopsis, Janua Linguarum Series, 5, no. Ethnic Conflict and Resolution in Russia and Georgia, Ph. Dissertation, University of Texas at Austin, August 2005. Available HTTP: < 9.pdf> (accessed 14 June 2008).

Every effort has been made to include all diacritics in French, German, Turkish, and other entries. D., `North Caucasus: The National Situation and Ethnic Problems', in Anthropology and Archæology of Eurasia, vol. Furthermore, the central government's response to the Chechen demands helped justify violence as a means. [Contents: The Prophet - The Circassian slave - The life and confessions of Dan Hernandez Romez de Arago - The twin brothers - The two sisters The robbers - The adventures of a medical student - Madame Le Hocq; 267 pages] -- The Circassian Slave, or, The Sultan's Favorite: A Story of Constantinople and the Caucasus, in the series Wright American Fiction, vol. Jones (ed.), Education and Society in the New Russia, Armonk, New York and London: M. -- The Caucasus Problem: Questions Concerning Circassia and Daghestan, Berne, 1919. Barkuk, N., The Dishes of North Caucasian Cuisines, Ankara, 1994. 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[This magazine is dedicated to celebrating the life-style and culture of the Circassians. The editor-in-chief is Larisa Mereimqwl, and the staff are all Circassian. D., Beled-es-Siba: Sketches and Essays of Travel and History, London: Macmillan, 1925. From 1991 to 1994, Moscow switched back and forth between promising concessions to the Chechens and preparing for violent action, resorting to the latter in late 1994. -- Le Caucase et la révolution russe: Aspect politique, Paris: L'Union Nationale des Émigrés de la Republique du Caucase du Nord, 1929. Baranov, E., `Kabardinskie predaniya i legendi [Kabardian Legends]', in Sbornik materialov dlya opisaniya mestnostei i plemen Kavkaza [Collection of Materials for the Description of the Districts and Tribes of the Caucasus], Tiflis (Tbilisi), vol. -- Kabardinskie legendi [Kabardian Legends], Pyatigorsk: Press of Newspaper `Pyatigorsk Echo', 1911. 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The Journal is available for downloading (in pdf format)] Mamluk Studies Review, University of Chicago: Middle East Documentation Center (Annual journal, ISSN 1086-170X). `Periodicals Published in the Caucasus', in Caucasian Review, Munich, no. [Children's magazine published quarterly in the Republic of Adigea in Russian (2,200 copies per edition)] Russian Regional Report (RRR), Open Media Research Institute (OMRI). -- `A Note on the Princely Families of Kabarda', in Bedi Kartlisa, Revue de Kartvélologie, Paris, 13-14, 1962, pp 140-7. S., `On One-Vowel Systems', in Lingua, 13, 1965, pp 11124. Acknowledging that there is no "onesize-fits-all" federal solution to conflicts in divided states, I argue that the degree to which federal institutions can contribute to peace depends on how these institutions respond to characteristics of the societies they govern. Nouvelles Études Oubykh: Notes pour un centenaire, Travaux et mémoires de l'Institut d'Ethnologie, LXXI, Paris, 1965. 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[Provides weekly updates on political and social developments in the 89 regions of the Russian Federation] Sbornik gazeti `Kavkaz' [Collection of the Newspaper `The Caucasus'], Tiflis (Tbilisi). Abramov, Ya., Kavkazskie gortsi [The Caucasian Mountaineers], Krasnodar, 1927. Alparslan, O., `Le parler besney (tcherkesse oriental) de Zennun Köyü (Çorum, Turquie), IV: L'Isolé, récit (deuxième partie)', in Journal Asiatique, Paris, 259, 1971 (72), pp 163-213. and Dumézil, G., `Le parler besney (tcherkesse oriental) de Zennun Köyü (Çorum, Turquie), I: Esquisse grammaticale', in Journal Asiatique, Paris, 251, 1963, pp 337-82. I maintain that the "peace-preserving" effects of specific federal traits are conditional on any given region's wealth and ethnic composition] -- `Separatist Struggles and Center-Region Relations in Chechnya, Punjab, and Québec', paper presented at The Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Hyatt Regency Chicago and the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers, Chicago, IL, 30 August 2007, and at The Program on Order, Conflict, and Violence, Yale University, 5 March 2008. Available HTTP: < .pdf> (accessed 11 September 2007). -- Le livre des héros, légendes Ossètes sur les Nartes, Paris: Gallimard, 1965; reprinted: 1989. Examen de rapprochements lexicaux récemment proposés', in Journal Asiatique, Paris, 259, fasc. -- `Notes d'étymologie et de vocabulaire sur le Caucasique du Nord Ouest, 1,2,3', in Journal Asiatique, Paris, 260, 1972, pp 7-14. 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