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3d avatar cybersex chatrooms

During the advent of consumer interaction with this thing we call the internet (back in the mystical times of the 90s), strange places existed known as chat rooms.These weird and arcane dwellings provided two very interesting things.They roamed the mighty internet for a while, and were eventually accepted by gamers.The evolution of these MMOs brought us titles such as Everquest and World of Warcraft.Anonymity, and an outlet for fat harry greasy out of shape men, women, and men pretending to be women, to get together and have fake sex with each other in a strange and awkward orgy known today as cybersex.A short time after this horrific addition to the world, powerfully addicting games known as MMOs started to surface.Much like the chat room connected those from far away lands, the Real ID initiated version in World of Warcraft transcends, servers, factions, and even games!No longer will an Alliance human male on the Baelgun server be forced to talk it up with less than ideal dwarf female at his local Gilded Rose Tavern.

No longer will an Orc female on Daggerspine have to exchange pleasantries with a Tauren male as they wait to slaughter Alliance near the Ironforge tram entrance.Real ID allows all World of Warcraft players to chat with any friend regardless of faction, server location, or game (assuming it’s made by Blizzard and has online access) as long as they know that friends email.Simply send them a request for addition to your in-game friend list, and the new chat system will ping their pending inbox.Once you’ve got everything set up, you’ll be able to invite all your pals into something Blizzard is calling “conversations.” Frankly, these are little more than an updated version of “friends only” chat rooms, soon to be home to steamy Orc on Night Elf and Dwarf on Tauren conversational cybersexcapades. If you’ve ever spent some time in one of these worlds, you’d know that many of the gamers in them are just as weird as the aforementioned harry and sex-crazed folks of the chat room era. Well, those chat room users had to go somewhere, so why not upgrade to 3D chat rooms with lavish landscapes, horses, beasts, and big breasted avatars? All of this brings us to today, as the latest World of Warcraft 3.3.5 patch (The Ruby Sanctum), has completely revamped the in game chat system many of us have been using for years.

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The newly added Real ID component brings their core audience back to a more familiar and comfortable place and time, by reintroducing the chat room!

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