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Accommodating resistance equipment

The Bench Press and its variations, including the Barbell and Dumbbell Press, are great ways to develop strength, but traditional Push-Ups have definite advantages over these and other loaded movements.

Improve Your Bench Press With Perfect Push-Up Form First and foremost, the Push-Up is considered a closed kinematic chain movement.

The benefit of this comes in the deloading at the bottom of the movement, where resistance is at a minimum due to more chains being on the ground, or less stretch through a band.The Push-Up is a foundational movement pattern for any athlete.But Push-Ups are often overshadowed by Bench Press variations, which take precedence in many strength and conditioning programs.Bench Press variations involve an open kinematic chain.Both hands move freely in space, depending on the load being used.

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The bottom position is often the most stressful portion of the exercise, which is why deloading it is conducive to shoulder health.

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