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Adult aunt chat

I wish I was mad but it's almost like its normal for her to be an ***.

Like she argued with her mother all day and she thought she could just get away with it.

I still care for her and don't wish death or anything but besides that I can't stand het as a person. I was Legit two minutes ago at am my sister bursts through my door. She said she didn't even know if I was asleep or not. My Middle Sister called last night for the first time in six months and we had a good talk for a little bit, maybe a half hour. I went downstairs to play on the computer and she took my food and threw it upstairs to try to get me to go get it. She has thrown clocks and boxes at my mum which has given her black eyes and broke her wedding gifts and thrown plates at my (80 year old) grandma as well as breaking her glasses and giving her horrible bruises and fights with me daily. since she was born and i tried to take care of her and give her everything which i dint hav since i was a kid and made her join and explore hobbies, find her passion and try to advise her and guide her in d right way. Maybe some of my EP friends talked to her and though:"Is this a joke??? She also did that once to Marline2222 and Daisy1610... However, I have come to that with my younger sister. Today we got in a big fight, and I went to my room because I figure I shouldn't be around her or I'd say something I shouldn't.She's Face Time her bf and showing my sleeping face! She then tried to take my phone and the laptop just to make me leave. She is a stubborn selfish egoistic selfcentered person who... " cuz my sister said:"I am her sister, I'm Anna, the younger sister, Alex will back and chat with you. I am 39, so well past the growing pains stages of the teens and 20s. So I come out to eat lunch and I overhear my dad and her talking about me, and her explaining to him what I did. but I still haven't been able to stop feeling like this.Growing up, I actually got along with my sister pretty well. today agirl(who is my enemy)called me and talked about it...i was shocked that how she knew it... because I only used one of her stuff and she yelled at me and threw a tantrum. I'm the eldest one and in my culture, the youngest always listens to their elders. She talks to me like i'm dumb just because her grades are higher than mine. "Crystal can you please stop this, really hurts my ***"? She makes me fall out with my mum and after we've had an argument I sometimes feel such physical anger towards her for a long time after.Sorry, but I'm here only to vent and let all the stuff that I tend to keep bottled up out. I hate my condescending sister who is too deluded to... She just broke my computer and my parents aren't mad with her. for my sister and fight for her but today she showed me she doesnt give a **** about me at all.but I hate the person she is and I hate her bad attitude. They are such ******** as I'm paying for their Starbucks or ice cream. She stole my student ID, to make a Macbook purchase under some sort of student loan. She thinks she knows everything about everything and I HATE it. Our relationship is at the lowest now like i dont even care about her at this point. and when she doesn't, she tries to scream in a very large tone and she hits me.

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