Adult dating site scripts

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Adult dating site scripts

Harry Caray story: Whenever I would go on the road I always brought a transistor radio and listened with an earpiece to the other team’s broadcast during the innings I wasn’t on. I was wedged into the front row along with my partner, Ted Leitner. It’s absurd that starting pitchers now only go five or six innings. Home field disadvantage: The home team won only two of the seven games. I thought she was in the witness protection program. This will be the highest rated World Series in years. Nice touch showing that old Harry Caray Budweiser commercial after the game.

I picked up a lot of great nuggets, which is a nice way of saying I stole information from the other broadcasters. Ted is on the air and I’m listening to Harry in the next booth. In 1965 when the Dodgers beat the Twins in Game Seven of the World Series, Sandy Koufax only had one pitch working, was pitching on two-days rest, was on fumes, and hurled a complete game. It kills me to hear announcers fawn all over a guy for only giving up two runs in five innings. Like I said on Twitter, I can’t root for any Ohio team with Trump leading in their polls. Otherwise, I love everything about your team and ballpark. I’m sure it obliterated all late night competition. Happy for Pat Hughes who has been a world champion Cubs announcer even when they were in last place (which was often).

There’s a fly ball to the Cubs centerfielder, Brian Mc Rae. “He was brilliant tonight.” The end result is that both managers overworked their bullpens and paid the price. Aroldis Chapman gave up the two-run homer to Davis to tie the game in the eighth, but was the pitcher of record when the Cubs scored so he was the winning pitcher. (Although, credit where credit is due, he did go back out and pitch a scoreless 9th). To answer your next question: I checked and I don’t think he’s Jewish. Seth Meyers, James Corden, THE GOLDEN GIRLS – all were left in the dust. And when you see how many calls are overturned during challenges you have to wonder how different the results of other World Series would have been had they had In-Game Reviews. My son, Matt, is a great baseball fan and what a treat for this classic game to fall on his birthday. I’m always a little depressed at the end of the World Series because it means no more baseball. Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs and their fans.

Harry says on the air, “Fly ball to center and Carmen Mc Rae makes the catch.” I bust out laughing. When the TV guys mentioned that Chapman had been suspended earlier in the season for Domestic Abuse (and I’m sure he was thrilled that Joe mentioned that) I was glad they didn't follow up by saying “So he’s a little more rested than the rest of the staff.” Wasn't it nice to see baseball on a channel we could all get? Stephen Colbert probably finished way behind the rain delay. And I fully expect to see Ferris Bueller in there singing “Twist & Shout” on a float. But for folks in LA, you can still get your fix by going to my play, GOING GOING GONE at the Hudson Theatre until November 20th. ) This weekend (like last weekend) is completely sold out, but some tickets remain for the last two weekends. You’ll laugh a lot more than at anything Pete Rose said during this series. And a tip of the cap to the Cleveland Indians and their fans who are not voting for Trump.

Proud to say I once peed next to him in the Wrigley Field press bathroom. Breaking the longtime Red Sox curse and now the longer-time Cubs curse? I think managers today over-manage the shit out of these games.Well, first of all, THAT is why baseball is the greatest game EVER.There are so many variables, so much strategy, and so much pressure to succeed in a sport where even the best fail 70% of the time. They have to hit a baseball (which many say is the hardest thing to do in sports) and also field your position or pitch (unless you’re a Designated Hitter.More information about this error may be available in the server error log.And then you have to stay out of the clubhouse fridge during the game).

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And then in the post-season, the tension gets ratcheted up another level. (I wonder how many Cubs-Diamondbacks games he attended this year.) Unlike with other sports, momentum for a series can change drastically from game to game depending on the starting pitcher.

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