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After school douche online cam

However, after I became pregnant last year and gave birth, my hormones caused some strange Ph level imbalances.

I want to state in advance: I do not know anyone at the company and I am not getting paid to leave this feedback.

Now, with that said, I have always been extremely meticulous about my hygiene.

[Intro] Yeah You know we've gotta start it off with some good shit the same shit that we've been doing for the last four or five years We ain't never changing and we ain't never doing any dumb shit Trying to keep it real and function Alright let's get it yo [Verse 1] Why can't I ever find enough time Why do I bust rhymes and fuck dimes And after ever drink feel sick when I wake up Why the fuck would I like my girl the less and less she wears make up Why the fuck do we sell sabotage I need an i Phone 5 charged Trying to get the fuck outta Dodge Turn my phone on airplane mode Like fuck the world You know, how you fucked that girl And you just fucked her world up Why do I stay up late?

Sluts Never could really relate to us But the pretty ones always stuck up They won't shut up I hate parties when all the kids get drunk Unless I'm partaking Then I'll be the first one to pass out and do something stupid And wake up on the ground naked I'm shaking Thinking my whole life is like bacon, overcooked Why all the great rappers is overlooked Why am I scared to live if I'm really just a small piece Why do you care the least But sometimes care the most and share a lease With someone where the rent's cheap And live your whole life wondering if you dared to speak what's on your mind you might love yourself more If you hate where you're at but you go nowhere, then that problem is yours Think you might drown in your thoughts Better learn mind control Because even when the times get hard you can still be positive, but god damn it you guys keep texting me on some bullshit I don't want to hear it Trying to get weird like Kanye did in '09 I need the spirit, oh my But I still ride around getting high just to see what's on my mind I don't really know When your shit's going nowhere, where the fuck do you go?

No one I was intimate with had complaints, quite the contrary.

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I knew not to douche, and I ate yogurt, especially since I have a sweet tooth which can also create an imbalance.

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