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All local sex

However some parts of France have been enthusiastically targeting sex-buyers.In fact the “capital of fines” has been named as the town of Narbonne on the Mediterranean coast.Local police chief explained that officers will normally pounce once the client has stopped by the roadside, made contact with the prostitute, and after she has climbed into the vehicle.“The fact 249 clients have been fined is evidence the law can be implemented and enforced.” While the maximum fine is €1,500 or €3,500 for repeat offenders, most of the 250 who admitted to paying for sex were fined between €300 and €400.Théry however admitted that the benefits of the law change, which also included a significant clause that decriminalised the act of soliciting for sex – meaning the clients and not the prostitutes themselves became the criminals.French police have had the powers to fine those caught buying sex for six months now.

Some 50 of the 250 fines handed out since April have been to clients in Narbonne, apparently all due to the fact the local prosecutor has taken a keen interest in applying the law from day one.“We are very willing to reduce prostitution,” said prosecutor David Charmaz.“It works well but it has not been implanted throughout France,” he said.He points to the fact that penalising sex buyers has fallen down the list of priorities during France’s state of emergency and the ongoing migrant crisis.“People were saying that police would never be able to arrest the buyers, but they were wrong,” said Grégoire Théry from the charity Mouvement du Nid, which aids prostitutes and which fought for the new law to be introduced.

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“People said it would be hard to get evidence and force clients to recognise their crime,” Théry told The Local.

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