Am i too young to join a dating site

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Am i too young to join a dating site

Its much easier and more efficient to meet girls on campus. You can spend months messaging women to go nowhere, or save time and walk to the campus dining hall and meet hundreds. This is a place to supplement an offline social life, not a main source of prospects.

I think you will find dating IRL at University more productive that trying to fish here. Ask her to take your picture for a dating site profile. One little Italian girl mentioned to her friend that she didn't have a boyfriend. Consider why a woman in the age range you mention would be here.You will likely find you are not able to attract a better looking woman online that you can in real life and yes age is going to work against you most women your age want to date their age or older. OP, for every woman that's 18-19 on POF, there are like 9 horny guys. Your competition is brutal, they lie, and they fake pics. You're going to have to have A+ game to get anywhere at all. I immediately stepped up and invited her out to the movies. Most women of that age would have no need to use a dating site unless they were looking for something very specific.IF you were rich and famous then all of the above would not apply. If you still want to go on POF, you should use it as an incentive to go out to real world places. They are most likely looking for a very successful man slightly older than themselves.They might be looking for spectacular looks as well.Most however, are probably not young women at all, or if they are they have a different aganda then what is advertised.

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Your best bet to meet someone is offline,in person, while doing something you enjoy .