Amazing race dating goths

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Amazing race dating goths

Who are these people and what did they do with the original All-Stars cast?Two seasons ago when Max scoffed at Jen and Caroline’s stilt-walking abilities because they were female and blonde, it pushed me onto Team for one thing: they may have brought back a bunch of teams from previous seasons instead of expending the time and money to find new ones, but they sure have managed to make it seem like these are entirely new and different people, almost across the board.Dave O’Leary, the sweetest man ever to run the race, is now a pouty, self-righteous villain.The same thing has just happened again, but this time with the unlikeliest of parties.

Last season, we saw a similar inexplicable emotional reaction to what amounted to a tiny strategic blip when Travis and Nicole proclaimed that the Afghanimals were horrible people for lying about the fact that they’d U-Turned the beards.

I certainly felt a little deja vu when Dave began proclaiming that the Brenchels were horrible for first refusing to give them directions in the previous leg, then for deploying the U-Turn at all.

Self-centered, drama-prone Rachel is a plucky heroine.

The sneaky, strategy-minded, camera-conscious Afghanimals are upbeat and endearing.

It officially makes me want Rachel to win the whole damn thing just so she can rub it in their faces.

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