Amerie and trey songz dating seeking older men dating

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Amerie and trey songz dating

S., possibly because its lead single slid off the chart within two weeks.Now on Def Jam, Amerie returns with In Love & War, an album that is much more creative than its title indicates while also playing out a bit like Because I Love It redux.01 Trey Songz - Mojo 02 Trey Songz - I Want You 03 Trey Songz - Bottoms Up (Feat. Rick Ross & Diddy) 08 Trey Songz - If It Ain't About Money (Feat.A follow-up single only grazed the Hip-Hop/R&B chart.

As on Because I Love It, all the high-energy material is packed into the first half, where Amerie lays down the law, accosts, and flirts, and she even manages to seem in control when she falls into a romantic trap.

"Why R U" is a reminder that no one is better when it comes to breathing new life into a familiar breakbeat, while "Higher" is surprisingly rocking, reined in just before spinning out of control.

Its alluringly bleary synthesizer cleverly enhances Amerie's half-awake mile-high-club state of bliss.

Heartbreak ballads like "The Flowers" and the "Paint Me Over"-like "Different People" might put off those who have an aversion to melodrama, but they are as well constructed as anything earlier in the set.

Even with a few recycled ideas and the unlikeliness that she'll have another "1 Thing," the singer has made a second excellent album without the help of Rich Harrison.

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She works with another assortment of co-producers and co-writers, including Eric Hudson, Sean Garrett, Warryn Campbell, Rico Love, Jim Jonson, Bryan-Michael Cox, and even Teddy Riley.

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