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Lois’ job isn’t just about getting attention or awards.It really is about the pursuit of truth.”“Physically, no one is Superman’s equal—but being equal doesn’t mean we have the same strengths.One such interview with “Lois Lane was so outside of the world that I lived in.This idea of living in a metropolis and being an independent woman putting herself in peril for the truth was kind of awesome. Today a female reporter isn’t a big deal; we don’t even think twice about a woman on the ground in Baghdad or in Syria. (Now we just need to get her paid the same as her male counterparts! “He trusts her because she gives him a place to be vulnerable. As a journalist, she wants to believe in hope and integrity, yet she’s become jaded; learning to take somebody at their word is new for her.” Even though trusting is new for her, she learns to take a leap of faith and to believe in Superman’s “hope and integrity.” “Superman represents hope and integrity, so he has reacquainted her with this optimistic side of herself.(It’s based on Austin Wright’s 1993 novel “Tony and Susan.”) Yet Ford, the celebrated fashion designer, doesn’t just recycle pulp — he aestheticizes it by taking it dead seriously. “Nocturnal Animals,” which premiered today at the 73rd International Venice Film Festival, is a suspenseful and intoxicating movie — a thriller that isn’t scared to go hog-wild with violence, to dig into primal fear and rage, even as it’s constructed around a melancholy love story that circles back on itself in tricky and surprising ways.

A nice, polite, middle-class man goes after the homicidal goons who brutalized his wife and daughter — the plot of the 1974 Charles Bronson film “Death Wish,” and a thousand revenge thrillers just like it.Torn between romance and money, a woman betrays the sensitive fellow she loves to go with the wealthy player who can provide the life she desires — a plot that goes back to Edith Wharton and Douglas Sirk, or maybe “Dallas.” “Nocturnal Animals,” the first film Tom Ford has written and directed since his stunning debut feature, “A Single Man,” in 2009, draws its lurid, heavy-breathing elements from deep inside the well of pulp and noir and soap opera.It makes him mortal in a way.” Amy Adams is iconic in our society for her blend of feminine beauty and feminine strength.She knows what she wants and what she deserves, and she’s not afraid to speak out when she feels that her rights have been compromised.“They each opted for darker, but elegant looks as they arrived at the legendary Radio City Music hall to launch the big-budget superhero flick.

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Ben, 43, must have channeled his character Bruce Wayne as he looked dapper in a black three-piece suit over a light blue dress shirt and navy tie.