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App v client not updating

Before embarking on sequencing Firefox, please refer to this companion article – Prepare Mozilla Firefox for Enterprise Deployment and Virtualization – which covers configuring a Firefox installation for virtualizing.It’s a simple task to virtualize Firefox, as it lends itself well to application virtualization; however getting it right takes a little more effort.I’ve previously shown you how to sequence Firefox 8, Firefox 7 and Firefox 5.In addition to this – the App-V 5.0 SP2 client will now detect VC++ Redist components part of packages produced in earlier versions of the App-V 5.0 sequencer and also allow those to be part of the virtual environment. Once you have completed the installation a report will inform you that the components are detected; The details of the report looks like this. What does this mean for the previous written best practices?It’s all in the trash We can move back to a “lowest common denominator” for the Visual C++ Redistributable components and make sure that as much as possible are part of our packages. All in all there is about 22 different versions to be deployed both onto any sequencing machine and any potential client.See the previous article Setup a VM for Packaging for a complete list that contains download links and in which order I install. Tim Mangan has gathered a more complete list that contains a lot more information about each and every version of the Visual C++ Redistributable.

It's an interesting option for Microsoft to provide, enabling distributed updates.It's something that could come in very handy when a large and anticipated update hits and it stresses Microsoft's servers and distribution network to the max.Since App-V 4.5 has been released into the wild there has been a couple of things I personally have been preaching to the community to get a high level of successful virtualized applications.One of these things is the deployment, and active updating of, Visual C++ Redistributable.We've seen it happen before, and it'll happen again.

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