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Apple dating patent

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are similar technologies, but there's a major difference between them and their potential applications vary widely.

In recent months, VR/AR hiring has ramped up and Apple has acquired multiple AR/VR companies, suggesting something is afoot in Cupertino.There are dozens of possibilities for VR/AR technology in Apple products, ranging from augmented reality features within Maps and other apps to virtual 3D interfaces for the i Phone to full-on virtual reality headsets.Apple has been exploring virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for more than 10 years based on patent filings, but with virtual and augmented reality exploding in popularity, Apple's dabbling may be growing more serious and could lead to an actual product or feature in the not-too-distant future.Apple is rumored to have a secret research unit comprising hundreds of employees working on AR and VR, exploring ways the emerging technologies could be used in future Apple products.As an example, we've already heard rumors of a potential augmented reality feature coming to Maps, which would allow people to hold up their i Phones to see information on nearby restaurants and businesses.

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