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Costa's Mint Hot Chocolate also fares badly, but its Salted Caramel Cappuccino is the 'healthiest' on the list.Sadie Brittle (left), 32, from Tamworth, only discovered she was carrying another child almost three months after she collapsed at work with a potentially deadly ruptured fallopian tube.Teddie (right), who was born via Caeserean section last Thursday, was hidden by the heavy internal bleeding she suffered following her ectopic pregnancy.Femail Food&Drink has dissected every festive menu at these three coffee titans to find out which drinks you can enjoy guilt-free if you're watching your waistline - and the ones you should definitely avoid.From left to right: Caffe Nero's new Tiramisu Hot Chocolate tops the unhealthiest list, closely followed by Starbucks' new Fudge Hot Chocolate.It also meant she couldn't shut one of her eyelids.

Marisa Svalstedt, 37, from Bethel, Connecticut, has suffered from an eating disorder since she was a teenager.After giving birth, she realized the potentially negative impact of her self-deprecating comments.The study by experts at Michigan University discovered three low-carbohydrate meals within 24 hours lowered insulin resistance by over 30 per cent.The phenomenon of low carbohydrate diets - minimising intake of bread, rice or pasta - has been fuelled by stars including Gwyneth Paltrow (left), Jennifer Aniston (middle) and Madonna (right).He was only picked up by doctors after the hairdresser carried out a pregnancy test (inset her doctors scan) because her stomach was still swollen while she was on holiday following the surgery to remove her ectopic pregnancy.

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