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According to the USGS, diamonds and diamond bort are essential to a number of industries.

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), diamonds are the hardest material on the planet. Although both natural diamonds and their synthetic counterparts have important roles in industry, the USGS reports that the majority of industrial diamonds are synthetic.

This is because lab-created diamonds have the same properties as natural gems but are much less costly to obtain.

According to Bain & Company, diamond sales in the jewelry market accounted for more than billion in revenue in 2012.

A diamond is a popular choice for engagement rings and wedding rings that use gemstones, and this spectacular gem enhances other types of jewelry as well.

While diamonds are famous for their incredible beauty, they are also incredibly useful.

From mining for oil and gas to crafting precision surgical instruments, these precious gems are essential for a variety of practical applications. The spectacular sparkle of these gems makes them a popular centerpiece for many designs, and they represent a major economic force.

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The stone's crystalline structure allows it to be cut into a number of diamond shapes to match different style preferences, and the high optical dispersion makes it beautiful when used with any type of metal, including silver, gold, platinum, tungsten, titanium, and more.

According to the World Diamond Council, about 30% of the diamonds mined from the earth are gem-grade. Aside from jewelry, diamonds also have a wide variety of industrial uses.

In fact, natural gems that do not meet jewelry grads account for only 10% of the diamonds used in industry.

Some of these natural gems are in the form of "bort," small pieces of diamonds and diamond dust.

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