Brett claywell dating

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Brett claywell dating

I live in Hollywood and this is probably the most accurate of posts on DL. I saw a clip of him on some awards show last week talking about how after the same awards show last year, he and his beard went back to the hotel and had sex, after which she got pregnant. Would've been a real boost to know it then, the Black and gay thing wasn't what's hot (now) and especially when I was a kid. Hayden slept with the producer of Life as a House and that's how his career started. Oh now stop r29, I know you are being sardonic, and I didn't say that no guys are gay, I said that out of everyone listed so far , Puff Daddy, Will Smith & Usher and, Victor Garber are the only gay one, but that is 4 guys in only 24 posts, so it works out right, the 6%.[quote]Mc Bongo is SO gay.Straight guys, especially straight actors, have been known to hook up with other guys to help their careers. You really think he's straight--it's no wishful thinking on my end, and I'm R61. I didn't think much of it, and neither did anyone else--at least the time. I also believe that the relationship between Viggo and David Croenberg might well be physical too--they really have an Artist/Muse thing goining..Wrong of me I know, but for a moment I just couldn't help it.

I was a HUGE Track and Field fan as a child and love Carl Lewis but I hadn't realized until I was an adult just how gay he is. In about 15 years, he will release his memoirs and come out a la Chamberlain (you know, the guy my granny and others SWORE up and down was NOT gay! I'm a big b-ball fan but kinda youngish so I don't know what was going on at that time.both Crawford and Westwick are tow of celebs most notorious womanizers)LL Cool J & Tyson Beckford (sure why not, this could have happened)I hate people playing the race card unjustifiably, but why do I get the impression reading R49's (and earlier) posts that she's a straight white frau who doesn't mind the black celebs being gay or old white guys she has no interest in (Victor Garber), but don't you dare suggest that a hot white guy is gay![quote]There are lots of guys in hollywod who are white and i think they are gay, like Travolta & Spacey but they have not been mentioned on this thread.I love how so many people are going, "______ isn't gay! I totally believe Ashton and Sean William - I mean that kiss, bet it took a LOT of practice. I remember a tabloid story about them vacationing together.

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" Whether or not the guy is gay has little to do with the thread. I used to see him a gay bars cruising when I lived in New York City a few years ago. At the risk of sounding hoofish, I believe that Viggo and Orlando were VERY close during the filming of LOTR..

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