Cal alumni dating Slutes that want to chat no sign up

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The board was much smaller then and I was one of only two women on it. Stewart '40, and I met on the Cornell Board of Trustees when I was elected to it in 1967 - he had been apointed to it some years earlier.

We were married after I graduated the next year and this summer will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. He had been "drafted" into teaching a subject he hated, as 50% of math dep't had left for better positions. I told her her that as an engineer, I would start at a salary over double what a math teacher made then, and could only afford to marry her and create more students as an engineer. We were married in 1951 in January, as I expected to be ordered to Korea in June.I also went to cry on the shoulder of my "big sister" Jean Biehler and Dave was with her doing the same thing as Jean was his ex girlfriend's room mate.Jean introduced us, he offered to drive me to the dorm, asked me out, and by November we were "going steady".We have 2 sons, 6 grandchildren and cherish every year that has flown by. I told her I'd come over that evening and teach her Int. I also went to her teacher and offered to teach him how to teach math. My engineering class all were married week by week.We are still in touch with many of the couples that we double dated and partied with at Cornell who are also still together. Our January wedding was in time to act as chaperones at my Fraternity Winter House party.

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We will always be grateful for our serendipitous mutual break ups and meeting that beautiful September day at Cornell. I got a job at graduation at an Arsenal, where the CO liked my work and kept me for five years, got a commendation and two children, and didn't get called to Korea.

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