Calculating dates in exce dating

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Calculating dates in exce dating

That is of course providing your dates and/or times are valid.Entering Valid Excel Dates & Times To enter a valid date in Excel, use a slash mark or a hyphen to separate the parts of a date; for example, type 9/5/2002 or 5-Sep-2002. Once we are armed with these magic numbers and the information above, the manipulation of times and dates is no longer a problem.

If, when working with dates and times we cannot know in advance which date or time is the earliest we can use the MIN and MAX functions, for example we could use: =DATEDIF(MIN(A1: A2), MAX(A1: A2),"d") The syntax for the DATEDIF function is; DATEDIF(Start _Date, End_Date, Unit) Valid Units are any one of the formats below "M", "D", "Y", "YM" (The months and years of both dates are ignored) ,"YD" (The days and years of both dates are ignored) and "MD" (The years of both dates are ignored).See Also: Calculate a Persons Age in Excel Convert From Decimal Time If you have the number 5.50 and you really want or AM use: =A1/24 and format as needed.If you leave off the year portion (9/5), Excel will default it to the current year.Tip: To enter the current date, press CTRL+; (semicolon) To enter a time that is based on the 12-hour clock, type a space, and then type "a" or "p" after the time; for example, p. To Enter a time based on a 24-hour clock (military time) enter as , etc.If it should be or PM use: =(A1/24)+0.5 Convert To Decimal Time To get the opposite, that is a decimal time from a true time, use =A1*24 Extract Date Only From Date & Time If a cell has both the true date and true time (e.g.

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22/Jan/02 ) and we only want the Date, use: =INT(A1) Extract Time Only From Date & Time To get the time only use: =MOD(A1,1) and format as needed.

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