Chat live dirty without signing up

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Chat live dirty without signing up

Bending the guitar strings to change a note or tone is abusive to the fingertips of the fret hand.

To put it mildly it is a lot of work to play this style.

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Here is an exclusive tip from the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Gauge size is .013″ to .056″, basically the same size as suspension bridge cable.

I am a sissy, I use light gauge strings such as .009″ to .046″ gauge.

Bending strings is quite common today, however there is a fairly serious problem that can occur from lots of guitar string bending that is not a guitar problem. The problem I want to address is cuts on your fingertips and or separation of the fingernail to the fingertip itself. Regardless of whether it is a cut or separation, a drop of super glue solves the problem.

This is a mandatory tool to keep available, like in your gig bag or tool box.

Players like Stevie Ray bend strings use a playing technique where you bend the strings with your left hand, for right handed guitarists that is.

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It is part of the particular style of music most blues players use, which is a staple of blues guitar music.