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Chinese dating girl japanese russian

Also, being a foreigner and trying to date in a country that is 98.5% ethnically Japanese makes it an even more daunting task for some. Though statistics may not be in your favor, there are certainly those that not only want to date, but date people who aren’t Japanese.Earlier this year we focused on what women thought about mixed-race relationships, but now it’s time for Japanese men to share their ideas about what they would like, as well as what challenges they would expect with a person who’s not Japanese.Yuta then gets right to the meat of the issue, “Do you want to date a foreign girl?” and most of the men interviewed for this video said that they would.” and obviously cultural differences were a major concern.

Yuta doesn’t hold back and really gets the guys to open up honestly about their opinions on a whole host of issues.His first question, “Which countries have the most beautiful women?TOKYO — We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, dating is hard.This is very true in Japan as well, where a survey in 2013 showed that many Japanese aren’t really dating.Of course they had a number of worries including whether or not they could understand each other, but overall they felt that the experience would be more rewarding than anything else.

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The men were then asked “What do you think will be difficult in a mixed relationship?