Chinese zodiac signs dating

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The monkey is one of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac (Shēngxiào, or 生肖), which is based on a 12-year cycle.The Year of the Monkey follows the Year of the Sheep, and it will end on January 27, 2017, when the Year of the Rooster begins.These animal signs are calculated in accordance with the Chinese calendar, which is lunisolar and is based on astronomical observances of the Sun’s longitude and the Moon’s phases.The calendar predates the Gregorian calendar, which is used by most countries today.

According to the Chinese zodiac, your birth year tells you more than just your age.Not only is one's personality affected by the animal associated with their birth year, but the compatibility of their relationships also depends on their zodiac.As the year 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey, it is believed that those born under this sign will have a good year, with plenty of luck and opportunities ahead.People born in the Year of the Monkey are thought to be curious and creative.They are believed to be pranksters who prefer living in crowded cities.

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They are also considered to be hard workers who can easily move between different work environments.