Creative dating ideas for married couples

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If finances permit it, take them to a one hour developing location. Write clues on dime-store Valentines and place them around town, then take your love on a car rally or treasure hunt. Robert and Elizabeth Browning's works are a nice place to begin.

Set the mood by relaxing together and talking by firelight or candlelight. Reminisce over old photo albums or your wedding album. The others can be sent as postcards to each other over the next year. Walk or bicycle to an inexpensive ice cream shop or a fancy coffeehouse. Drive in the mountains, arriving in time for a sunset or moonlit stroll. Go to a park, push one another in the swings and talk. The goal is not to buy, but to test perfume and cologne along the way. Take turns listing A to Z the reasons you love your mate. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a great place to begin.

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