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Both Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones were known to be ardent family guys. We think it happened when a ferocious and fast-moving tongue of the blaze overtook their vehicle causing them to go off the road. We know that Sunday night Los Angeles County Firefighters Arnie Quinones and Ted Hall, both experienced firefighters—Ted a 26-year veteran of LACFD, Arnie a specialist—were killed in the course of working on the Station fire.” One thing I can tell you is that it’s a dangerous road even when it’s daylight and there’s no fire.” What we also do know is that just before Hall and Quinones got on that fire-haunted road, they helped to save the lives of 58 other men, and that they were on that difficult road trying to find a route to safety for those same 58 men when the fire in some way caught up with them. NOTE: BEFORE READING ON...please know that this post about of the events on Mt.Gleason was an early account that reflects as much as CDCR officials knew at the time.However one thing that those of us covering this incident have heard repeatedly: and that is the message that many of those trapped on Mt.Gleason might not be alive had it not been for Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones.Firefighters were also sent out to deal with about 60 acres of standing corn on fire in Norwich Road, Swainsthorpe, shortly before 6.30pm today.

Or maybe it was the smoke that blinded them for a fatal moment. What is completely clear is that they plunged down an 800 foot embankment, and the engine truck flipped, landing upside down.

“Look,” LA County Fire Inspector Frederic Stowers told me.

The incident started at about 5.20pm today in Baptist Road.

Three fire crews attended - from Wisbech, Downham Market and Manea - along with a water carrier from Fakenham.

Since this account was written new facts have emerged, which I posted about here.

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But the investigation is ongoing and a truly accurate account may not emerge for some time.