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Dating baccarat marks

Weller Pottery Company used many different marks on its lines from 1872 through 1948.

Some early marks included the name of the line, but most just indicated that the piece was made by Weller as shown below.

Hudson is one of Weller's most popular and collectible lines, and many of these pieces were also signed by the artists who decorated them in addition to having this marking.

To the left of the Weller signature is a secondary artist's cipher, "D.

Ink stamped and incised marks were both frequently used, along with those hand incised by artists who decorated pottery for this company.

Some unmarked Weller can also be identified by looking at the base as also seen below.

L." in blue, which is that of Dorothy England Laughead who decorated many Hudson pieces during her time with the company.

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This mark can be found on a wide variety of pottery items and various lines produced by Weller during the years when the company was concentrating on fine hand-decorated art pottery.

Those hand made pieces are the most valued among ardent pottery enthusiasts.

Pottery marked "Weller Rhead Faience" was designed by English potter Frederick Rhead who went to work for Weller around 1903 or so.

Many companies made this type of pottery, including Rookwood who is well known for its beautiful faience tiles among other wares.

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The particular incised mark depicted here is from a Weller Hudson vase.

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