Dating china sex for muslims

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Dating china sex for muslims

The reaction has, however, forced the self-professed “flirt coach” to hire security and alert police after he claimed that he had received threats online from people angered by his activities, reports Die Welt.

Last month Breitbart London reported on the flirt workshops for migrants which were planned to begin on the 6th of September.

There is a reason why these three nations ally- all are power-hungry, imperialistic, and have a history of unnatural aggression against their neighbors.

History and the alliances that develop are not an accident, and as we have warned before, there is a likely chance that these three Axis powers will find themselves again in an alliance with each others neighbors, who will also ally with each other, which are Russia (and most of the Slavic nations) and China.

We reported a while ago that the German government was offering classes teaching Muslim men how to pick up and have sex with German women.

In a suprising turn, it looks like German men have finally started to grow a backbone and are confronting a German man offering classes to teach Muslims how to pick up and have sex with German girls so much that he is fear for his life now and asking for the police to protect him from angry Germans who are sick and tired of traitors like him and their treason: Despite the hugely negative outcry from the public, Horst Wenzel continues to provide young migrant men with tips on how to pick up local German women at bars and online.

As we have pointed out here, Germany is not just historically aggressive, but also an ally of the Turk.

This is both the Muslim Turk in Anatolia beginning with German industrialists selling the Great Turkish Bombard to the Ottomans that they used to destroy the Byzantines, and later in WWII to the Japanese, who are ethnically related to the Turks.

He stated that the security was needed because news outlets had reported that the flirt course was being funded by the AWO, a left-wing labour organisation that receives money from the German government.(source) While this is great news, there is another side to this which we here at have cautiously pointed out, and that is how German history tends to extremes.I emphasize that it is good to see the German people turning from giving teddy bears and unlimited quantities of free food to the Muslims.The ‘curriculum’ of the course was expected to follow the usual flirt workshops that Mr.Wenzel has become famous for in Germany, including how to meet girls, get their phone number, and eventually have sexual relations with them. Wenzel, every migrant should not only flirt with German women in real life, but they should all download various dating apps including Tinder.The famous childhood poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow summarizes this well: When Germany is good, she is a very good country, and when she is bad, she is a nightmare to herself and her neighbors.

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Just ask Germany’s Slavic neighbors and they will tell you- when Germany is good, she is a great neighbor, and when she is bad, she wants to conquer and completely wipe out the same Slavic neighbors as though they never even existed to begin with.

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