Dating depression medication Verified adult dating member

Posted by / 14-Jan-2015 20:19

What can I expect from dating someone with depression?If you really like the guy, then give it a chance to see what happens...Is he going to continue this good and bad day routine?Is the medication actually going to make him feel happy?So, my question is: What is in my future for dating him? There seems to be more bad days then there are good. but since I just started seeing him, I don't even know what to expect from this new medication?

I tried my best to cheer him up (without knowing what he was suffering from), but it never worked.Then, when he revealed he suffers from depression, everything clicked for me.but he really needs to get out to stuff to make him happy!!!!because i have been told if you are not happy, then everyone around you will not be happy til you are happy!!!!I recently started seeing a man, he revealed that he suffers from depression.

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Before he revealed that to me, he would tell me that he was feeling down.