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These two miners were rescued on , two weeks after being trapped nearly a kilometre below the surface. (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on 25 April 2006 a small earthquake triggered an underground rock fall at the Beaconsfield gold mine in northern Tasmania.Geoscience Australia said that the earthquake had a magnitude of 2.2, at a shallow depth at coordinates and early reports suggested that 14 miners who were underground at the time had managed to scramble to safety.However, Russell later lost a large portion of his half of the bar when it fell out of his pocket.The mining company, Beaconsfield Mine Joint Venture, released a press statement saying they held "grave concerns for the three miners' wellbeing".Larry Knight (44), Brant Webb (37) and Todd Russell (34), were the three miners who remained unaccounted for.The men initially agreed to wait 24 hours to eat it, but they continually extended the time, until they decided to eat it on 29 April.

It was initially misreported that the two miners were saved by a slab of rock that fell on top of the basket, but in a Channel 9 exclusive interview broadcast on 21 May, Webb and Russell stated that this was incorrect and that the "ceiling" above them was merely thousands of individual unstable rocks precariously packed together.

The cage was partially filled with rock, and the men were partially buried under some rubble.

Knight had been killed in the initial rockfall, but Webb and Russell were still alive, trapped in part of the vehicle in which they had been working at the time of the collapse, known as a teleloader or telehandler.

They were in a basket at the end of the telehandler's arm, where they had been applying steel mesh to a barricade prior to backfilling a stope.

Webb seemed to have been knocked unconscious for a short time, and Russell's lower body was completely buried.

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Webb also had a muesli bar with him, which he offered to cut in half and share with Russell.

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