Dating easy fun making dating courtship tips

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Dating easy fun making

Truth be told, no one loves going out on a date night more than me, but there is something really romantic and wonderful about a relaxed date night at home.

But just because it’s “at home” doesn’t mean you should take the easy route.

Select a recipe that reflects the two of you, grab a bottle of your favorite red, and put on an upbeat, but casual playlist while you prep.

My go-to date night food is a fabulous homemade pizza.

If you are in need of some quality time with your someone, point them here because we’ve got a fool-proof date night in plan to leave you feeling extra loved!

Once you’ve got all your ingredients laid out, it’s time to start the dough!

With the holiday season in full swing, it is easy to cut date night for office parties, family events, or plans with friends.

Hi again, Lauren here, from Lauren and I am here to break down the perfect date night at home!

It’s super fun to make, highly customizable, and it can be as fancy or as casual as you want to make it.

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The best part of homemade pizza is that you can do whatever you want!

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