Dating fender stratocaster mexican

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Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely guitar, but I uncovered a surprise when I took the neck off to make some adjustments.

The Fender "Squier Series" of Stratocasters will not be familiar to many guitar fans, but in this piece, we'll take a look at this unique series and what marks them out from the usual budget range of Squier guitars.Following my recent experiences with a Fender Stratocaster that I bought at e Bay, I thought I would put together this page to help other potential buyers spot if they are getting a standard or "Squier Series" Stratocaster.It turns out that the one I bought was not a standard Fender Stratocaster despite being sold to me as one.Firstly I think for those who are new to Fender and Squier guitars, it's worth giving a quick overview of what the differences between the two brands are.I was initially horrified thinking I had a cheaper body stuck on the guitar neck, but turned to the internet to try to learn what was going on.

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Before I'd played with this guitar I hadn't suspected that it was anything other than a Fender Stratocaster.

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