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If you can see the humor in work or family interactions, and spin a tale, this could be entertaining."What's new? He'll be stimulated by what's mind expanding -- a film festival, dot connecting, trends in culture.He gets antsy around those with fixed ideas -- it's claustrophobic for him.Man of the World Consider that his mission is to cast a wide net, absorbing info from everywhere, and synthesize it into new forms. He's drawn to people that have a healthy interest in life and other people.He'll want to know who you're connected to, and what they're like.The divided attention of the Gemini man is unnerving, if you're wanting to catch his eye. If you're wanting something substantial to develop, give it time.

He's always alert for messages, being Mercury-ruled, which gives him a distracted look at times.

The frantic busyness of life today suits his nature, and he likes to be in motion.

For first dates, check out a few places, and different modes of transport -- walk, bike, taxi, train.

A richly varied night is preferred to staying put in one intimate spot.

He enjoys scrambling ideas and spontaneously offering a new translation. So to sustain his interest, feed his mind with your own wit, observations, short tales.

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I say short because many Gemini's have the need for speed, and don't like getting bogged down in convoluted analysis.