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Dating photographs fashion

Things to note are the hair style, the tight fitting upper garment with a broadly V shaped braid pattern from shoulders to waist, fairly full sleeves, and of course the full bell shape of the dress.The hair has a central parting, and framed the face looping down behind, often held in a hair net (or snood).

Cloth is folded from shoulders to waist forming a V shape. Other features are similar to the preceding period such as the tight upper garment and the V shaped arrangement of the over-garment from shoulders to waist which, in this case is part of an over skirt worn with the dress proper.

Clothing is an important feature of portraits, so that a general knowledge of changes in fashion can help to establish dates at least in relation to decades.

Clothing can also help in dating street scenes and other photographs where people are out and about.

In this case the young woman’s hair shows a move away from the style of the previous period, though a central parting is still visible.

The great thing about women’s clothes is that they changed pretty regularly, and the general features of each change are clearly identifiable along with hair styles and hats.

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