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This isn't universal, by the way, so it's a good idea to look around to see what others in your group are doing before you wrap your mitts around that slice. It's a sort of downmarket expression that is fading out but you might find the cashier at the roadside rest directing you to the knives, forks and serviettes - just so you know.

In fact, some will avoid nice sticky goodies, like Chinese spare ribs and fried chicken because they are so hard to eat with a fork and knife.

I'm talking about the everyday foods and customs you might come across at -So, in the interest of helping you navigate such culinary mysteries as the chip butty, egg and soldiers and what that giant spoon is for, here's my quick guide.

Setting the Table Spoons British dessert spoons are gargantuan - bigger than American soup spoons and far bigger than what might be called a tablespoon in North America.

But in the larger cities, a surprising number of people can handle them very well.

So in Chinese restaurants, the tables will be set with them and you'll have to ask for forks if you need them.

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Breakfast There's more to the breakfast table than the famous the Full English or Full Scottish breakfasts.

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