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(Count such things as being hit, slammed into something, or injured with an object or weapon." from "During the past 12 months, did your boyfriend or girlfriend ever hit, slap, or physically hurt you on purpose? The Mental Health Effects of Sexual Assault and Abuse. In 2015, physical dating violence among adolescents (high school students in grades 9-12) was 9.5% for all Alaska adolescents and 9.8% for Alaska Native adolescents, virtually unchanged from the levels in 2013.

" Changes in wording from "boyfriend or girlfriend" to "someone you were dating or going out with"; the description of harm from "ever hit, slapped, or physically hurt" to "hit, slammed into something, or injured with an object or weapon"; changes in response categories from yes or no to number of times; and limitation to those dating or going out rather all students affect the prevalence rates. Effects of domestic violence on children - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prevalence rates from the YRBS are initially presented for the current definition for physical dating violence by all Alaska adolescents, Alaska Native adolescents, and the mean of the national YRBS.

Questions on adolescent dating violence have been asked on the YRBS since 2003.

The terms are used interchangeably throughout this website and EIGE's work, as it is always understood that gender-based violence means violence against women and vice versa.

'Gender-based violence' and 'violence against women' are terms that are often used interchangeably as most gender-based violence is inflicted by men on women and girls.

However, it is important to retain the 'gender-based' aspect of the concept as this highlights the fact that violence against women is an expression of power inequalities between women and men.

Responses are weighted to reflect youth attending public traditional high schools in Alaska.

The question on dating violence changed in 2013 to "During the past 12 months, how many times did someone you were dating hurt you on purpose? }}Healthy Alaskans 2020 Leading Health Indicator 13: Reduce the percentage of adolescents (high school students in grades 9-12) who were ever hit, slapped, or physically hurt on purpose by their boyfriend or girlfriend during the past 12 months to 8% by 2020.

Responses to the two questions are not equivalent and are presented separately. []. These data are followed by estimates on dating violence from the period of 2003 to 2011 for the same groups.

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The prevalence of sexual violence and intimate partner violence is a major public health concern in Alaska.^1^ Witnessing or being a victim of domestic violence is associated with high rates of fair-to-poor assessments of general health, asthma diagnoses, current smoking, and lack of emotional support.^2^ Individuals diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression have some of the highest prevalence of sexual and intimate partner violence.^3^br br ---- {{class . Alaska's Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence Strategic Plan. Subsequent analyses display dating violence by demographic subpopulations (i.e., sex, age, race/ethnicity, ethnicity, grade level, and academic achievement) and regions.

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