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Dating website marriage before sex

Before i met her i used to drink alcohol and smoke, she has changed me as a person and in result we have both fallen in love. And the phsyical things we have done so far (kissing) is that a sin as well?Tagged as: haraam, holding hands, hugging, In Love, kissing, love, love marriages, love or lust, Marriage, patience, physical relationship, pre maritial sex, repentance, sabr, sex, sin, tawbah, weak imaan, What does Islam say?

We have been going out secretly (nor her parents, nor my parents know about our love) for about 4 years now and I love her, she means the world to me.Equally she loves me too, I know this because she keeps telling me.oh and the other thing is that we have not had sex, but we do kiss and have slept in the same bed but not done anything, is that also wrong in islam?I love her so much, that sometimes she takes my breath away.She told me that she does NOT want to have sex before marriage.

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But would it be OK if we did as we both know we are going to marry each other?

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