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Not to mention the crazy way the world often treats relationships as means simply to fulfill our own selfish desires.

A little advice: Take your time to find the right person. If there is a resounding “please-don’t-marry-this-person” coming from all directions, chances are, something’s not right. Yes, we date with the question, “Am I going to marry this person?

Pray to her as you are considering who to date and whether or not he or she is the right person for you. Xenia has entered into your life, she’ll likely be around for the rest of it, and she is known for often answering prayers quickly–be prepared (I know this not only from many stories I have heard from others, but from my own experience–my first daughter is named for this amazing saint because of her constant intercessions for us). Joachim and Anna, the parents of the Mother of God, were both from important Jewish lineages, St. Anna being of the tribe of Levi, the tribe of the priesthood.

Not only are you setting yourself up for a giant lack of humility, if that person really isn’t your equal, you could be setting yourself up for a difficult marriage.

Your spouse should humble you with their faith and devotion, they should have spiritual gifts you admire, especially ones which you feel like you lack.

She was a young married woman, living somewhat carefree and never really thinking about her soul when her young husband died suddenly after he’d been out drinking with his friends. Petersburg, returning eight years later as a homeless wanderer.

Many of the people derided her as an insane homeless person, but she bore their insults while praying unceasingly for the people of St. In her own life, she was granted the gifts of prophecy and great prayer. Xenia is known not only for bringing together godly people but also for saving young people from bad marriages.

And with that, here are a few saints who can help you along the way: St.

Along the same lines, avoid dating someone you see as “a fixer-upper.” It’s not good if you think you need to save your significant other or be a missionary via dating. Pray for guidance in finding the right person and help to navigate your relationships when you get into them.

Pray for your future spouse, even if you haven’t met them yet.

In the midst of everything that is going on in college, I know that many of you are probably also thinking about getting married or pursing romantic relationships.

Dating can be a tough scene for us Orthodox Christians–let’s be honest: there are not that many of us, and there can be a lot of pressure from family to make something work or to choose a particular kind of person.

No matter how many times yiayia asks you when you’re getting married and making babies, hold out for the right person–the person who to love, forgive, and live a life of faith. ” present in our minds and prayerfully in our hearts, but, especially when you are first getting to know someone, you don’t need to rush to that conclusion.

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