Death of dating badger

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Death of dating badger

A total of 227,835 cattle have been culled in England because of bovine TB since 2008.Paterson lying again, he does not seem to be able to help himself.Defra official figures show increases in the cull areas.As does the government tb incident maps with Dorset having the largest increases, the last update in July showed a 250% increase over the previous year in and around the Dorset cull zone.Try testing before vaccinating to justify the cost of £800 odd pounds per badger in 2015 alone . More severe tests , You believe that testing cattle pre move , annual , post testing (coming soon) contiguous testing and any slaughtered animal at the abattoir is still not enough when even a badger supporting trial says that they are more of a risk than first thought .The Government Tb incident maps are supplied so that farmers can check for outbreaks in their area but are available for anybody to look at. No, 'new herd incidents' includes herds that have had breakdowns before, gone clear and then had another one, so it will never be zero.

North Shropshire MP Mr Paterson said: "If this report is true, I would like the culling to extend to Shropshire and Mid Wales too."In Somerset the cull has been a huge success; there has been a decline in the number cattle with the disease and even farms that have suffered from b TB for 30 years are now clear."The sooner this success is replicated around the country the better."When asked if the public are against the idea of shooting badgers, Mr Paterson said: "They didn't like gassing either and I am in favour of a more humane gas that could be used underground that is currently being developed - Defra are working on it."A badger with b TB suffers a long and painful death."We need to tackle it in cattle and in wildlife to be successful."If we don't tackle this, the control of b TB in England will cost £1 billion over the next 10 years."But Shropshire Badger Group says there is no evidence that culling is effective.

A group spokesman said: "Badgers are often blamed for this, although there is no conclusive evidence that badgers pass b TB to cattle, or how, even though there are indications that they can, and vice-versa."Georgia Brown for the NFU West Midlands said:“We will not be commenting on any speculation about possible new areas before any official announcement."The cull of badgers will reportedly begin in early September in South Devon, North Devon, North Cornwall, West Dorset, and South Herefordshire.

The figures are now down on pre-spike levels and Welsh TB figures are at a 10-year low.

Why does everything you ever say about bovine TB have to be a lie?

Abject apologies will leave the lies to supporters , New incidences I thought meant clean farms going down but your right it will never go to zero .

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