Did lisa raye dating al sharpton consolidating credit card debt and credit score

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Did lisa raye dating al sharpton

"Sources have even reported that Rocsi stayed at the Misick home and hosted guests as if she was the lady of the house," the release stated.Also, earlier this week, Lisa Raye was supposed to have called in to Tom Joyner's Morning Radio Show to discuss these rumors and truths before throwing both Rocsi and her meandering hubby under the bus.Well, sources claim Rocsi is indeed the "American of Lisa Raye's" who accused Michael Misick of rape although those reports were never confirmed to be true. At the time, reported that a Puerto Rican woman had accused Misick of raping her.The alleged victim was said to have reported the crime to local police before returning to her home in the U. Rocsi, whose real name is Raquel Roxanne Diaz, was born in Honduras and is reportedly of Honduran and Chilean descent.Anyhoo, a rep for the actress released a statement over the weekend suggesting that her husband, Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick, is creepin' with Rocsi.

And with the ways things are looking, it's going to get much, much worse.

But leave it up to the antics of the soon-to-be former First Lady of Turks & Caicos Islands diva Lisa Raye to bring me up out of my week-long blogging slumber! I'm pretty sure you all have heard about BET's 106 & Park host Rocsi is the alleged 'other' woman in Lisa Raye's drama-filled debacle of a marriage.

Officials even saw her early in the mornings having breakfast at the house with the Prime Minister." (click here to listen to Jawn's report.) Rocsi had also been told not to spend so much time with Misick so that folks wouldn't ask questions, but being the bold and gully-ass person Rocsi she is, ol girl paid that advice no never mind and continued doing what she's been doing.

Is it time for Rocsi to kiss her career good-bye because it's about to get hotter than two fat-ass people sexing each other under a genuine leather blanket in the middle of a cornfield in rural Willacoochie, Georgia on a hot summer day! And remember the hoopla regarding those rape allegations against Misick back in March of this year?

She had to reschedule her radio interview for next week because she's due back in Turks to cooperate with the FBI on the matter.

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However, Lisa Raye did speak to entertainment news columnist Jawn Murray that Rocsi has been having an "out-in-the-open affair" with her husband and that "he was parading her around and she was staying at the house.