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Dimona dating dimona singles langru

I visited Dimona in the summer of 2006, during Israel’s war with Lebanon.It’s a hardscrabble town in the arid Negev Desert, thirty-five miles west of the Dead Sea.Because of the colorful street dramas I’d witnessed enacted in New York by the Black Hebrews — an older white woman harassed to the point of tears, a white businessman pressured to get on his knees and kiss one of their boots in payment for the sins of his race, a Jewish college kid debating the algorithm that compared him to Hitler — I wasn’t sure what to expect when I showed up outside the compound’s metal gate. “Oh, we left that anger behind,” Sister Aturah told me on a tour of the grounds.Maybe you’ve seen them in Times Square, in Union Square, or on 125th Street.Half a dozen black men dressed like characters out of an old Sinbad movie.

Track 12 of a recent CD, Soul Messages from Dimona (Numero Group, 2008) refers to Dimona as the “Spiritual Capital of the World,” even though its rocky landscape looks remarkably like the surface of the moon.

In addition to the African Hebrew Israelites, Dimona harbors Bedouins, goats, and a nuclear weapons facility.

It’s about a group of black Americans who followed the gospel of Ben Carter, a former foundry worker from the South Side of Chicago who began preaching in the 1960s about Zion.

Ben Ammi Ben Israel, as he renamed himself, was so charismatic that he convinced his followers to leave the United States and create a new homeland in the deserts of Israel. They don’t wear costumes out of bad movies, and they don’t scream on street corners.

These are the African Hebrew Israelites, and here in New York they all seem to be nuts.

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But there’s another story about the Hebrew Israelites, one rarely told and little known.

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