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The greatest increases in heroin use occurred in demographic groups that historically have had lower rates: doubling among women and more than doubling among non-Hispanic whites.

Vital Signs: Demographic and Substance Use Trends Among Heroin Users — United States, 2002–2013 Heroin use and overdose deaths have increased significantly in the United States.

Student Indoor Tanning According to some research, tanning salons tend to exist in areas with a greater number of girls and women aged 15-29 years and are particularly concentrated near colleges.

Patterns of Health Insurance Coverage Around the Time of Pregnancy Among Women with Live-Born Infants — Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, 29 States, 2009 This report summarizes data from 29 states that conducted PRAMS in 2009.

Data on the prevalence of health insurance coverage stability (stable coverage, unstable coverage, and uninsured) the month before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and at the time of delivery are reported by state and selected maternal characteristics.

Vital Signs: Improvements in Maternity Care Policies and Practices That Support Breastfeeding — United States, 2007–2013 Many U. mothers do not continue breastfeeding as long as they would like.

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This report summarizes data from 2007 (baseline), 2009, 2011, and 2013 to describe trends in the prevalence of facilities using maternity care policies and practices that are consistent with the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding.