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From this, cryptographers may be able to form a basic code from which to crack the rest of the text in the 15th century book Due to the manuscript’s discovery in Italy, many researchers believe the book to have originated in Europe, however, the latest research from Dr.

For only currently running shows, see epguides.com/current. For corrections and additions to episode details for specific shows, click through to the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider: or Due to its mysterious nature, the text and diagrams in the manuscript, pictured, have been studied by cryptographers around the world, yet no-one has succeeded in deciphering the reams of written passages.This has led to many people claim the book is hoax, or that the writing is nonsense If the text is written in the language of Nahuatl, the botanists claim they can find the name of the plants in the manuscript and may be able to use these to form a basic code from which to crack the rest of the text.Although Professor Bax admits his decoding is still only partial, it has generated a lot of excitement in the world of codebreaking and linguistics because it could prove a crucial breakthrough for an eventual full decipherment.

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Examples include the illustration of the Ipomoea murucoides, top left, taken from the Mexican Codex Cruz-Badianus which has an identical style to the Ipomoea arborescens in the manuscript, bottom left.

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