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Unformatted text preview: Messages component cannot be updated by ajax without wrapping it When there are no faces messages generated, h:messages component does not render no HTML tags, so it cannot be updated by ajax.To reproduce: <h:messages id="messages" /> <h:command Button value=" Invoke listener by type" action="#{bean.generate Message}"> <f:ajax render="messages" /> </h:command Button> No messages will appear.Region Connection(Region at Broker Connection(Broker at Broker Connection(Broker at org.apache.activemq.advisory. Advisory Connection(Advisory at Broker Connection(Broker at Not all authentication handlers listed on Web Console Authenticator page After fixing SLING-1688 not all Authentication Handler are listed any longer on the Web Console Authenticator page.The problem is, that an intermediat map indexed by the handler registration path is used to build the handler list before rendering.incorrect MTOM message for NMR transport discussion about this issue from maillinglist[1] [1] Set Client ID - Invalid Client IDException with http transport I have a client that do a durable subscriptio to a topic. After a connectivity loss (an so a new re-connection), this exception is thrown and connection cannot be re-established: 2010-07-15 ,700 ERROR - If you kill the JVM and the try to restart the test case, 'myclid already connected from blocking Queue_' is always raised. I have to restart the broker in order to have a new conection with that client id.Invalid Client IDException: Broker: localhost - Client: (Scheduler Id = '1') already connected from blocking Queue_8461294 at This is not possible, because is the only client with that name and previos connection was closed . If I kill all the clients an I leave active only the broker, If I try to reconnect using http (or tcp) I get the same error. This test simulate a JVM crash with no resource cleanup.In this case, a long running close (or two) held up the worker thread. Wrapper Class In Interceptor should check for null wrapper Class I'd suggest to add null pointer check.{code} Index: rt/frontend/jaxws/src/main/java/org/apache/cxf/jaxws/interceptors/Wrapper Class In =================================================================== --- rt/frontend/jaxws/src/main/java/org/apache/cxf/jaxws/interceptors/Wrapper Class In (revision 34) +++ rt/frontend/jaxws/src/main/java/org/apache/cxf/jaxws/interceptors/Wrapper Class In (working copy) @@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ Message Part Info wrapper Part = wrapped Message Message Part(0); Class<?

JGray and Karthik observed yesterday that a regoin open message arrived at the regionserver but that the regionserver worker thread did not get around to the actually opening until 45 seconds later (region offline for 45 seconds). XSS vulnerability in calendar component The calendar component provided in tapestry could be used to allow code injection by malicious web users into any page that uses datefield .

We only run a single Worker thread in a regoinserver processing open, close, and splits. To reproduce the vulnerability, put js code like <script>alert(" T5 is great"); </script> in any datefield and click on the related calendar bitma After quick search in the Date Field.js, it seems like the field value is not escaping escaping with a change like var value = escape($F(this.field)); the field value seems solve this vulnerability.

> wrapper Class = wrapper Type Class(); Object wrapped Object = lst.get(wrapper Index()); - if (! Invalid Client IDException - with the client ID of the killed client).

wrapper Instance(wrapped Object)) { + if (wrapper Class ! wrapper Instance(wrapped Object)) { wrapped Object = null; wrapper Part = null; wrapper Class = null; {code} method write Object(String Builder sb, Object value, boolean allow Json Resolve) in Util IO always throw an IOException Tried to invoke method Util IO.write Object(String Builder sb, Object value, boolean allow Json Resolve) but found the follow code try { String Writer writer = new String Writer(); if (encode Object(writer, value, allow Json Resolve)) { sb.append(String()); return; } } catch (Exception e) { } throw new IOException(" Can't write (" + value + ")"); These codes casued the method always throw an IOException. I have to restart broker in order to register again the client. If you connect to http the first time, connection is ok.

As a workaround messages component can be wrapped into h:panel Group that's id will be specified in 'render': <h:panel Group id="messages"> <h:messages /> </h:panel Group> Hadoop service is broken WHIRR-54 caused the Hadoop integration test to break.

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