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But above the knee, while cute, is not really a length most appropriate for a formal affair like Prom.Remember that the evening is all about dressing up and mingling with others.Submitted by: Bella from Ontario on June 11, 2007Q: My prom dress is black, halter shows cleavage is tight and pretty short.I like it because it's cute and comfortable, but I'm worried to wear it in front of my boyfriend's parents.

It's his prom, not mine, and I'm a year younger.I dont want to be called a slut or anything because, I'm not wearing it for any attention! A: There are two issues here: appropriate dress length for a Prom, and who thinks and says what.I'm just wondering how soon I should ask a girl to Grad (prom). I also have a date, he is my brother's friend and also mine.I'm hearing everything from mid December to mid May. If it matters, the girl I want to ask is a friend of mine already, but were not super close or anything. The prom is in my school, I paid for everything like tickets and limo. and if i do, will he get me one and what if he doesn't? A: It is considered polite and traditional to buy a boutonniere for your date, regardless of who purchased everything else.Same goes for church, a job interview, or a shopping trip with your Mom. You could try adding a shawl or jacket to help cover up, but that will not help the length.

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