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Francis boulle and louise thompson dating

Made In Chelsea is back for a fifth series on Monday the 8th April 2013.Spencer, Millie, and Binky will all be returning for more awkward silences, dramatic love triangles, and frustratingly pointless storylines.Since leaving the show at the beginning of series three, the 23-year-old has been chasing her music dream and has been recording in Australia and will be unleashing her music in the summer when she takes to the festival circuit in the UK. "Spencer cares a lot more about being seen as a playboy lothario than his actual personal achievements. I think everyone has different ambitions in life - if yours is to meet a lot of women, that's a bit vacuous - you should value yourself from your internal achievements rather than how other people see you," Francis says.But what ever happened to some of our favourite former MIC cast members?

Made In Chelsea series six started filming last month, and so we got Chelsea's most adorable businessman, Francis Boulle on the phone to chat about his castmembers. "Maybe [I'll find love this series] - I found love but it flew away. Let's put it that way." Confirming Millie Mackintosh's departure, he told us: "The show is incredible on how every season it gets better and better. Everyone wants me to find a new love interest, but I don't go searching for love, love finds you," he tells us. I think it's dependant on what the cast members can offer - with Millie, she doesn't want to show parts of her life to the show. This is the question on everyone's mind with every girl Spencer is with." What does Francis think are the chances of Steph making Spencer stay loyal though? Off-screen, Francis has just landed a job as a judge on Amway’s Britain’s Top Real Role Model, so what's he like as a judge? "There's nothing wrong with taking an idea that exists and improving on it - a major part of business is innovation - but do something that solves a problem in an elegant and simple way." Just like uk then. However, everyone changes." We doubt Spencer will be swapping cheating for spreadsheets anytime soon though. And any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, from the man who once started a website called uk (you get to rate the looks of members of parliament, obviously)?" He's still living with Proudlock and Jamie Laing - and says that now Jamie's newly single, things are about to get er, busy in there. She's going to move on." And will he miss Ollie Locke, who's also left?

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