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Free 1o1 webcam chat

Tell us about your robot idea and receive a special coupon code to save on your ezrobot purchase!I would like to develop an interactive real robot aimed at younger children.A gorgeous yet bully-ish guy named Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood) challenges the girls to a basketball match.Logan picks his team, which includes Chase and Michael Barrett (Christopher Massey), another friendly guy who is willing to accept a challenge.The robot would have various methods of control including voice commands, and have some type of interactive game.Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) and her younger brother, Dustin (Paul Butcher) start to attend Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), an elite boarding school in California.Using sensors It will protect itself from the younger kids.For example if a child pulls an arm too hard the robot will ask it to stop and explain why not to pull its arm and how it knew its arm was being pulled.

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ezrobot is committed to making the future a robot-friendly place.

Zoey chooses her team, which includes Nicole, Dana, and Quinn Pensky (Erin Sanders), a meddlesome scientist who is always inventing wacky items.

The girls lose the basketball game by one point, prompting Logan to tease them.

While there, Zoey meets Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn), a friendly guy with high hopes of getting a girlfriend.

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Chase leads Zoey to her dorm, where she meets Nicole Bristow (Alexa Nikolas), a savvy girl who is easily attracted to hot boys and Dana Cruz (Kristin Herrera), a tomboy who does not accept diversity.

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