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Free midget erotik dating

If concerned, please return goods via registered mail to ensure their safety as we do not take responsibility for goods lost in transit. We take great pride in our goods and packaging so we certainly hope that you never receive a faulty product from us.

If, on the rare occassion, this does occur please contact customer service on [email protected] let us know and we can either send out a post bag for you to return the product in or refund your postage when the parcel arrives.

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If you wish to return an item please contact customer service on [email protected] complete a return form.We ask you to print, fill out and return with any items that have been incorrectly ordered or supplied.Midget guys have regular cocks and fuck with power and it’s fascinating to see a midget girl have sex with a big man, which is the most common coupling.Schedule ALERT From 6 to 8 pm tonight we will have OPEN GYM.This sheet clearly outlines the process for returning, including the return address and how to nominate for a credit vs return vs exchange.

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The return postage is your responsibility however we will pay for the postage to you when a replacement product is requested.