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Free no sine in cams

The cam geometry may be defined by inputting the coordinates of straight lines or circular arcs, or it can be imoported as polyline from DXF files.Or you can define special shapes: ellipse, sine curve, sine-linear curve.TOL1-Free Size Tolerance If upper and lower tolerance were defined 0, TOL1 replaced it by the free size tolerances until now. To let TOL1 calculate free size tolerance with the new version: click to nom.dim, then "Calculate". WST1 GG-30 The WST1DYN database contains a wrong value for pulsating strentgh bending (Sigma b sch) of GG-30. At Version 6.5, fatigue values of some gray cast irons had been added at DBFCOMP is a tool for actualization of database files. When it finds differences., you are asked to enter the value of the old or new database into a new created dbf file.

If center of gravity is on a bearing position, you will get wrong results for critical bending speed, if only few shaft dsegments are defined. Körner solves your dimensioning problems by means of HEXAGON Software and other programs.Or you can enter the cam curve by mathematical functions.The new ZAR4 software for noncircular gears will use this input dialogues for defining the pitch curve. DBFCOMP If you modified or appended records of databases, you will know the problem: When updating to a new version, you either can overwrite the databases and make your individula modifications once more, or you keep your old databases and disclaim eventual changes at the new databases from HEXAGON).Create a functional, efficient computer by adding this 600W EVGA 80 PLUS 100-W1-0600-K1 ATX 12V/EPS 12V power supply to your custom build.DXF files from HEXAGON software are created with 6 decimals. [email protected] Partners at HEXAGON Gmb H After the tragical death of Horst Giese in spring 1999, two new partners joined the HEXAGON company: Dr.-Ing.

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Robert Müller, Voith Turbo Drive Technologies, Heidenheim, holds the HEXAGON seminar "Oscillation and noise properties of gears". Alexander Körner, R&D engineer at Voith Turbo Heidenheim, will offfer HEXAGON engineering services together with Tillmann and Michaela Körner.

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