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sexylittlebitch: and even worse, with a gun ready to shoot yourself.

BUT on the lighter side of these things, cybering could help keep a child molester off the streets.

Too bad these things only buy us time until predators take action.

Invented by NBC's Chris Hansen himself, internet sex or 'cybering' if you will has became a key way to track online predators of all kinds.

It's a simple, and most easy way for people to have, a 'real sexual experience' in the comfort of their own computer.

On a closing note, you've been informed by a cyber expert *winks* sexylittlebitch: heya bad boy ron4flanders: hehe heya ron4flanders: asl sexylittlebitch: 16 f us ron4flanders: mmm nice sexylittlebitch: and fully developed.

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;) ron4flanders: mmm ron4flanders: tell me more about that fully developed body sexylittlebitch: hehe well imma 36c ron4flanders: mmm thats hot ron4flanders: can i c?

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