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Please check my blog and read Princess Diana-The last Phone Call and you will understand.I have posted it on my blog for my own safety now, I can’t send you a Word Document because my laptop isn’t charged and I’m using my phone which I’m charging at the library.I wish I had at the beginning gone to the alternative media instead of the corrupt lying evil MSM who for two months have been stalling, blackmailing, and trying to get me to accept a twisted version of my story which I have refused or get back in contact with my ex intelligence officer boyfriend who let me hear Princess Diana last recorded telephone conversation and get that tape where Di is speaking with a female family member, one of her sisters I believe otherwise they weren’t publishing.I believe they have known about this last recorded phone conversation for a long time and they are desperate for the tape, one newspaper the publicist I was in contact with told me I would get one million if I got the recorded produced a picture with Adam, not his real name in case GCHQ is reading this and or location where agents live in Victoria.I do however consider the piece – thus far – to be one of my greatest achievements to date and indeed intend to provide the answer to one anomaly which had cropped up following Diana’s death, that as far as I am aware, no one to date has ever been able to provide an answer case it should disappear – conveniently clears up every single ‘myth’ surrounding Diana’s death, completely absolves the royal parasites of any involvement and is more or less an exact copy of the official line given to us in the press.Course, I am sure that many of you now, already have a number of questions forming in your heads, such as: Why was the tape recording not released to dispel all of the ‘conspiracy theories’ that have been aired in print at one time or another.I couldn’t believe it I started crying and said I wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Indeed, in a far from finished, extremely detailed and evidenced, 50,000 + word article about the death of Diana that I began writing a couple of years ago, heavily based on the flaws, inaccuracies and blatant lies that were set out as fact in the , I have named names and proven beyond all reasonable doubt – or will have by the time I am finished writing the article – that Diana was in fact murdered.Unfortunately, and as many of my long time readers will already know, I have had to shelve finishing that article due to the huge amount of time that I would need to set aside in order to complete the project – time of which I simply do not have to spare at the moment.However, the answer to that and other questions are all taken care of in the woman’s account, but I can tell you that basically – according to the – there was supposedly no monitoring of phone calls or surveillance taking place on Diana at the time of her death… Moreover, I didn’t need to read the account of the alleged MI5 phone conversation to know that was a lie.You see, I found out a long time ago that was nothing more than a work of fiction.I really don’t know what to do I really need your help and advice because they left me pennyless as I was relying on them to pay me the five figure number which they won’t give me now because I won’t play their dirty game.

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